Melissa Friedling

Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot (2010) 16mm, color, 5 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: children & youth, environment & nature, ethnic multicultural, family, films about film, found footage, landscape & architecture

Pop culture and land-use practices converge in Brooklyn, NY where a Bangladeshi family kept a thriving urban garden. In GARDEN ROLL BOUNCE PARKING LOT, a brother and sister share their memories of that garden which was recently leveled in order to make a parking space for their father's livery car. Prompted by the filmmaker (and neighbor), they recall the year that the overhead lattice support for the garden was woven out of a 35mm motion picture film. Bits of the film that were left lying in the street after the garden was cut down for the winter were optically printed. On inspection, it turned out that the found film holding up the garden was the retro black urban teen movie, Roll Bounce (2005) - the plot of which hinges around the closing of the protagonists' local roller rink, The Gardens. In addition to their recollections of the found film in the garden, the kids disclose their preoccupations with You Tube, Selena Gomez, and Urdu-language children's songs. The combination of pop-cultural references along with the 'misused' found film is revealing of the profound and creative merging of cultural practices that transforms the contemporary immigrant experience.

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