Takahiko Iimura

Talking Picture (1981-2013) DVD_NTSC, color_BW, 35 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: film about film, structural

Talking Picture (The Structure of Film Viewing) 1981, B&W,15 minutes Shadowman (The Structure of Seeing/Hearing) 1984/2008, color, 8 min. Making An Audience 2006/2013, color, 12 min. "In this collection of videos,Talking Picture (The Structure of Film Viewing)and Shadowman (The Structure of Seeing/Hearing), and Making An Audience, Takahiko Iimura presents a series of mind-twisting videos, meditating on the experience of watching film/video and of seeing and being seen. Prodded by a succession of riddles, the videos are lined with ...,Iimura touches on a range of significant philosophical questions about linguistics and the nature of representation itself.

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DVD NTSC Rental: $70

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