Peter Gidal

Coda I and Coda II (2013) 16mm Film on Digital File, color, 4 min

Genre: Experimental

"Peter Gidal's starting point for his 16mm film is a soundtrack that consists of three lines from a 1,000 word story written by Gidal in 1971, read by William Burroughs. Gidal describes the film's 'so-called imagery' as 'a complex of barely visible cuts in space and time, the opposite of erasure, but nothing so much as visible'." Frieze, London, 2013

Both films are codas for another film, not far at all, colour, sound, 15 minutes, which was shown at the BFI (strange name for what used to be properly called the NFT), London, in March 2014, and at Tate (London) in February 2014. not far at all's soundtrack, just for the record, is concrete/abstract without language.

Rental: $75

DVD NTSC Sale: $1,000 (BluRay only -- both titles -- edition of 5)

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