James Dowell and John Kolomvakis

Sleep in a Nest of Flames (1994-2000) DVD NTSC, color, 118 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Art & Artists, Biography and Autobiography , History , Literature & Theater, Personal, Diary, Journal , Queer, Bi, Trans

A poet of the poet, filmmaker, editor, and avant-gardism Charles Henri Ford.

"[This] glimpse of a close-knit, trans-Atlantic salon elite morphing over several decades is absorbing for the links revealed between each modernist epoch. Wealth of archived materials on tap (not least Ford's own portrait photography) makes near-mythic cultural figures and events seem teasingly immediate. Especially intriguing is an extended section about the elaborate 'Paper Ball' Tschelitchew devised for a Hartford, Conn., museum in 1936, as it suggests multimedia 'happenings' were hardly a 1960s invention." -Variety

"A superb film, filled with witty glimpses of the illustrious..." -LA Times

Rental: $100

DVD NTSC Sale: $20

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