Barbara Rosenthal

News Corral (1990-2014) DVD, color, 9 min

Directed by her older daughter, Ola Creston, age 10. who went on to act in legitimate theater and Hollywood films, Barbara Rosenthal and her younger daughter, Sena Clara Creston, age 8, who went on to become an electronic media artist, assemble scrap museum board cuttings from other Rosenthal projects, into a structure on the floor of their NY loft. Their cat and kitten participate in their own ways. This piece echoes several others in which Rosenthal finds creative use for scraps, including Bookmarks Exploded Library Project and Dirty Book, and several others using her children and animals, including News Corral and Nonsense Conversation. The original footage was shot in 1990 on VHS, then a single take was transferred to U-Matic in 2000, then the original was remastered in 2014 as part of the "Building" curatorial at Central Booking, an artspace in New York, along with Rosenthal's News Corral in a double-issue DVD called Two Humorous Architectural Videos, which had been produced as such in 1990 in VHS, but not issued until 2014.

DVD NTSC Sale: $385 (limited edition DVD)

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