Abraham Ravett

Piyut I-V (2009 - 2012) color and b&w, 96 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: biography & autobiography, family, diary

Compilation DVD

Notes For A Polish Jew (2012) 8 min, 16mm, silent.
If his father had lived beyond the age of seventy-four, the following may have been the cinematic response to the city where in 1944, he last saw his family. Filmed in the mid-1980s, Lodz, Poland. Constructed in 2012, Florence, MA. USA.

From Prague to Poland (2010) 15 min, DVD, sound.
Sixty years after his familys departure from Poland, the filmmaker returns to the city where he was born.

What My Father Would Have Seen In Poland (2010) 54 min, DVD, sound.
A contemporary, on-line archive of Polish amateur films made between the 1950s - 1980s, provides an opportunity to reflect on stories of survival and attempts at reconciliation.

non-Aryan (2009) 12 min, silent, color, 16mm.
A recent article in the NYT revealed that during the 1930s and 1940s administrators at Columbia University restricted the hiring of refugee, Jewish medical doctors by severely limited the number of "non-Aryans" on their staff. Inspired by that revelation, the following is a cinematic tribute, a portrait of another "non-Aryan" who was not a physician and arrived in the USA in 1955.

Trepches (2009) 7 min, silent, beta.
In the process of making "The March" (1999), my mother spoke about the wooden shoes she and other inmates wore n their forced march out of Auschwitz. She called them "trephes." Utilizing one of the optically printed segments from "The March," I've re-visited that filmmaking experience and our exchange.

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