Sahar Sepahdari - Dalai

The Cost of Living (2015) DVD, color, min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: body, children & youth, comedy, ethnic / multicultural , family, found footage , literature & theater, psychology & mental health

In this modern adaptation of Freud's Oedipus, single mother and survivor of war in the Middle East, Pepper Johason gives birth to her son Sammy (a Frankenstein Halloween toy) and moves through green- screened landscapes, which include rainbow colored women in bikinis shooting guns in the desert and roaming baby Oestreicher overlaid with fluffy clouds. Pepper guides us with nonsensical poetry until she meets up with her boyfriend Danny (played by the same performer.) Danny is menacing father figure who ultimate sells Sammy in a virtual infomercial for $9.99.

Rental: $30.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $30.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $30.00

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