Abigail Child

Foreign Film Series (2005 - 2014) b&w / color, 45 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: films about films

TO AND NO FRO 4.5 min. Sound. B&W. 2005. In collaboration with Monica de la Torre & Bunuel's Women Without Love Status and culture crack the mirror of family secrets, dreams, hauntings and wish-fulfillment in shifting and multiplying frames.

MIRROR WORLD 12 min. Sound. Color. 2006 In collaboration with Gary Sullivan & Mehboob Khan's AAN. A reshaping of Khan's classic Bollywood feature, locating its narrative tropes against mis-translated subtitles - becoming "multi-lingual" in the maneuver. Formal play and poetic montage wrench causality create a sub-version of class conflict and desire.

(If I Can Sing A Song About) LIGATURES 5:22 min. B&W. Sound. 2009. Music by Marty Ehrlich. In collaboration with Nada Gordon & E.J, Bellocq. Subversive sexuality and the poignancy of desire. The women are visions, desirous, delicate, illusory; the illusionary nature manifest - traversing boundaries, expectations and physical limits.

SALOME 20 min. Sound. B&W. 2014. Music by Frank London. In collaboration with Adeena Karasick & Charles Bryant's Salome (1923) Child has layered and processed the images, recomposed the strains of music, and selected words and phrases to create a "succulent nexus" - fluid and strange.

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