Terry Ellis

Field Film (1977/2015) DVD NTSC, B&W and Color, 4:20 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: films about film, found footage, structural

Description (Film Synopsis or Link to Synopsis): Filmed originally on Super 8mm in 1977 as 'Field- the Dutch Hostage Film'. Narrative played a supporting role to materiality and process (film as both object and subject). The film was transferred to digital video in 2007 and re-edited and given a soundtrack in 2015, thus becoming both a facsimile of the original and a new work. The soundtrack was pieced together from recordings made at the Roundhouse in London in 2009 during David Byrne's installation 'Playing the Building'.

Rental: $35

DVD NTSC Sale: $100 (institution); $50 (individual)

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