Stan Brakhage

Caswallon Trilogy (1986) 16mm, color, 8.5 min

Genre: Experimental

1st & last films silent; turn on sound after 1st. N.B.: Project entire reel at 24 fps. Turn on sound after 1st film (3.25 min) for 2nd film (2.5 min) only; then turn off sound for final film. At the Art Cinema in Boulder, Colo., The Sunday Associates staged an adaptation of Jane Brakhage's story of Caesar's invasion of Britain, Caswallon The Headhunter in May 1986. I contributed a hand-painted sound film-loop, as part of the special effects, FIRELOOP, as well as making two films during rehearsals; (1) the first dance film I've made, DANCE SHADOWS BY DANELLE HELANDER and (2) a film which meditates upon the unique process of creativity engendered by Denise Judson and the Sunday Associates in production, THE AERODYNE (Webster: 'heavier-than-air aircraft that derives its lift in flight from forces resulting from its motion through the air')--the latter 2 films silent. Thus the CASWALLON TRILOGY is composed of: THE AERODYNE, silent (3.25 min); FIRELOOP, sound by Joel Haertling, Architect's Office (2.25 min); DANCE SHADOWS BY DANELLE HELANDER, silent (2.75 min)

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

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