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ODE Europe I, Melilla Beach 2014 or Homage to "La Plage" by Patrick Bokanowski (2015) DVD NTSC, Color, 03:12 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: found footage, polititcal / social activism

Concept Series: Video "without-camera" reinterprets "camera-world" The images and sounds are extracted from the free virtual network, re-signified from the assembly. Video: A journey through sound and image processing referencing filmic imagery of the cultural construction of Europe, imagery that contrasts with the "visual" content of moving images which are extracted from the virtual network of those crossing the borders of Europe "without permission" (Melilla, Spain, 2014). In turn, such images are interfered with by visual noise from a "TV" without broadcast. As a found-footage piece I recompose the image no longer with the "matter" of the film, but with pixels of the media that mediate us. I experimented with the materiality of the rhythmic interferences that textualize the image, transforming the "objective" media perspectives into "subjective" auteur perspectives that ironically play with visual and audible "noise" to deconstruct the memory dictates of the informational present P.D. ODE Europe is a Work posthumously dedicated to all those who have died crossing our borders...

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DVD NTSC Sale: $200

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