Sheila Paige

Time and the Mermaid (2015) color, 14 min

Keywords: body, environment and nature, philosophical, spiritual/mystical

The ticking of the clock on the bathroom wall carries the heroine, on her 64th birthday, to a wider shore, where time rolls as a mighty river, singing of life and freedom -- her epiphany. "I sensed that it had a personal message for me about aging... it parallels my own path to confronting the shortness of time remaining: as Buddhism teaches, clinging to the expectation that nothing will change leads to suffering. Freedom comes with submerging into the big picture of life from the dolphins to the stars. We can't stay with that perspective constantly, but if we keep open to it, the trap of time loses its grip. I wonder if the final scene is meant to suggest the process of bringing the epiphany into daily life." "I will be turning 60 in a couple of months. For me, I felt the fear of time running out, what had I accomplished, what could I have accomplished or been, and that I could stay shackled by those fears or jump into the river and enjoy the time. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. May I share it with others?"

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