Ozan Adam

For The Blinds (2016) 16mm, DVD, color and b&w, 93 min

Genre: Narrative, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, body, erotic, ethnic/multicultural, family, found footage, landscape and architecture, literature & theater, music, philosophical, political and social activism, Psychology & Mental Health, science and medicine, spiritual & mystical, technology

The stories in the film take place in parallel realities where people live only for a very limited as one character. The memories of the people are erased periodically and replaced with new ones. Adjustments are made on the details of the new memories so that everyone remembers himself or herself if they have always been living as that character for their entire life. Won the Special Jury Award at the Indian Cine Festival in Mumbai, India. FOR THE BLINDS is the first internationally awarded, feature length, Turkish science fiction film, that is not a comedy, a cult, an animation or a re-make.

Rental: $50

DVD NTSC Sale: $80

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