Ozan Adam

Zymotic - Amaurosis (2002) 16mm, DVD, color and b&w, 24 min

Genre: Narrative, Animation, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, philosophical, political and social activism, science and medicine

Contagious Arbitrary Blindness is a disease caused by a virus, which can capture and store visual information and memories. The film is about a fantastic journey through the book that tells the fragmented story of the remembrances, visions and dreams of a blind man who is subjected to experiments to reveal the visual data that was recorded by the micro-cameras, which are installed in the eyes of an astronaut for a secret mission. After transplanting the eyes of the astronaut to the blind man, they expect to retrieve the recordings through the dreams of the blind man, but they get lose in the surreal absurdity of a complex subconscious. Won the Special Jury Award at 14th International Ankara Film Festival, Turkey.

Rental: $40

DVD NTSC Sale: $60

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