Barbara Rosenthal

TALK-TALK: Six Videos About Spoken Communication (1986-2004) color, 12 min

Genre: Narrative, Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, biography & autobiography, children & youth, comedy, dance, environment & nature , family, personal/diary/journal, psychology & mental health

HOW MUCH DOES THE MONKEY REMEMBER (1988) : Ventriloquism performance: Improv by Rosenthal and The Monkey: Can you be able to say it, and yet not say it aloud, because even though you could say it, you have no idea what it means? SEMAPHORE POEMS (1986): The late poet Hannah Weiner reprises her performance. The poet, the birds and the video communicate separately as hard as they can, but what can we, or even they, understand at all? I CAN TALK BURP TALK (1988): Performer: Ola Creston, age 9. She can and she does. Single shot improv. WORDS COME OUT BACKWARDS (2004): "Last night I was up talking to myself, when the words appeared visimagically before my lips." NONSENSE CONVERSATION (1988): A Barbara Rosenthal short performance video, in which her own voice gives way to that of others speaking her words.

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