Gerry Fialka

Genuine Fake Films (2003-2013) DVD, color, 38 min

Genre: Experimental

OUR EYE AYE (RIA= Resonant Interval Algorythmns) (2013, 5 minutes) Will Erokan & Gerry Fialka's exploration combines film detritus and sonic sleep extensions to probe the phantasmagorical rebirth of "live cinema." EYE AM NOT A ROBOT (2009, 14 minutes) - Mark X Farina & Gerry Fialka's scintillating film probes the percept of technology "being alive" by evoking early Russian film and Constructivism. Cultural icons from James Joyce to Robby the Robot to Marilyn Monroe are your humanoid guides through new art technologies. SOLOMON TURNER IN UTOPIA (2007, 9 minutes) captures Venice Boardwalk performer "The Snakeman" rapping transcendental righteousness . ALL ADVERTISING ADVERTISES ADVERTISING (2008, 14 minutes) Farina & Fialka's vibrant film uncovers the hidden effects of advertisers as psychoanalysts and prophets in the science of the imaginary. DOUBLE-DUTY INTERROBANG (2003, 10 minutes) Fialka's pixelvision (Fischer Price toy video camera) short hoicks the "open past" while double delving into Giordano Bruno's theory that everything in nature is realized through interaction with its opposite and Marshall McLuhan's percept that "objects are unobservable, only relationships among objects are observable" simultaneously probing the option of "see-say" in moving pictures.

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