Rrose Present

Autoretrat: TEXTures d'un camí (self-portrait: TEXTures of a path) (2016) Digital File, color, 7 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: biography & autobiography, personal/diary/journal

(self-portrait: TEXTures of a path) Who am I? Am I anymore that a collective portrait of all the glances I have received? I am all the words that you have said about me? Am I your hatred when you look at me and condemn me to abyss? Am I your love when you look at me and you give me heaven? I am in your eyes. I am in all eyes and I am not in any I am what your eyes want to see That is why I walk, I walk, I walk I walk to uproot the feet of false beliefs, to move the thought, and for the truth to fall by its own weight. To return the body as the only truth, To hear the beat of my heart as the only horizon. Who I am ?, I know now that I am the one who walks. I walk to be able to walk, to be able to be. And share the experience of my eyes, the "texture of a WAY" with you. Since now I know it would be nothing without you. After 18 moves (post burned my house) I arrive to Les Fonts (Barcelona) where my mother was born. The emotional impact and the sensations invaded all my skin. There is so much density in the Pandora's moving boxes of my voluntary and involuntary memories that can not defragment my hard drive now for constructing an intelligible and linear narrative about my self. "TEXTures of a path" was established as a few small democratic "units of meaning" made from text and audio notes that I have been doing, over more than a year, during my walks to Les Fonts, and something of some box ... Where the images and texts are superimposed to weave a visual texture that lead to the view the experiences and inner-feelings, to "feel" the skin eye audio- visuals.

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