Grete Miller

Tribute (2011) 16mm, color / b&w, 8 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, biography & autobiography, literature & theater, political & social activism, queer/bi/trans, science & medicine

An experimental collage of found footage appropriated to tell the story of Miller's relationship with her acting professor, and Broadway actress, Andrea Masters. A talented force in the New York City theater world, Masters bestowed powerful lessons and played an important role in developing Miller's education and coming to terms with her sexual orientation. Tribute is a memoir that captures the beginning, middle and end of their relationship. A mentor and maternal figure who vanished from Miller's life after suffering a stroke, would be found 5 years later after Miller discovered her living in a rundown Bronx nursing home.

Rental: $70.00

16mm Sale: $100.00

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