Rachel Amodeo

What About Me (1993) 16mm, black and white, 87 min

Genre: Narrative

Keywords: Economics

WHAT ABOUT ME tells the story of a young woman, Lisa Napolitano (Rachel Amodeo), who through uncontrollable circumstances, finds herself homeless in New York City. The film portrays her gradual deterioration as she exists on the streets, intermingling with outcasts of society. Along the ways she encounters a shell shocked Vietnam veteran, Nick (Richard Edson); a nihilistic east-villager, Tom (Nick Zedd); and a sympathetic good samaritan, Paul (Richard Hell). WHAT ABOUT ME was shot on location in the Lower East Side and Tompkins Square Park. It also includes footage of the homeless shanty-town that existed in the park from 1989 through 1990. It features music by Johnny Thunders.

Rental: $200.00
16mm Rental: $200.00

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