Richard Brick

Last Stand Farmer (1975) DVD NTSC, color, 25.25 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Biography & Autobiography

A documentary record, filmed through four seasons, of the life and philosophy of a 67 year old Vermont Hill farmer and his struggle to keep his 19th century farm operation going. Soon after he viewed the finished film, Kenneth O'Donell died, his widow Helen sold the farm and moved away with the assistance of the Vermont Council of the Humanities and Public Issues. Raises interesting questions about the present viability of small farms. A poignant, true, harsh picture. Gives a real sense of the dignity of the struggle. A beautifully photographed portrait of an intriguing couple, i. e., the farmer and his wife, who seem to be relaxed in front of the camera. Has authenticity, sensitivity, honesty and restraint which are all appropriate to its theme. Educational Film Library. Awards: John Grierson Award and Blue Ribbon at 1976 American Film Festival; Gold Ducat at 1975 Mannheim Internationale Filmworche; Brinze Medal at the 1975 Virgin Island Film Festival, and ten other awards.

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