John Campbell

Sacred and Profane (1989) VHS NTSC, color, 32 min

Genre: Experimental

(comes in hand-crafted box) A Compilation of Films and Videos from a Retrospective Screening of my work at Rogues' Gallery, Philadelphia Contents: "Form and Void" (1995) An abstract animated film utilizing ink-blot images and the audience's cognitive processes to evoke visions of plants, animals, demons and mandalas. "Rites of Passage" (1989) An experimental video combining vague, painterly images with alchemal symbols to represent the catalysts of personal growth and change. "Wet Jesus Dry Jesus" (1992) A blatant attempt to provoke controversy, presenting Christ as the object of female sexual fantasy. Alternate meaning: The suffocating sense of martyrdom experienced by a man in a bad relationship. "Order Now" (1990) A found-footage video that is both amusing and painfully direct in its criticism of commercial advertising's tactics. Title appears at the end of the piece. "Ani-Poly Spot" (1991) A 30-second "spot" or commercial for an imaginary fascist product. "Pornography" (1988) Electronically processed pornographic images and video feedback combine to form a nihilistic view of sex as a commodity. "Gravuren DeSade" (1993) A kinestasis animation depicting scenes from the works of the Marquis de Sade. Degraded imagery used to evoke the sense of a film as an artifact. Untitled Bonus Footage (1994) A man with a sledgehammer in Death Valley. "Permanent Man" (1990) A music video made for the band, Gutbucket. A frenetic collage of images including super-8, found footage, and Fisher Price pixelvision depicts the seedy world of white-collar drug traffickers. "The Secret" (1987) Re-scanned video, arcane symbols, and 20's dance music combine to present a "fever dream" of repressed desires. "Dance of the Phosphenes" (1983) One of my earliest films. Super-8 animation that takes an eerie journey through time and space. Goes from the subatomic world to the realm of the galaxies in 90 seconds. Untitled Bonus Footage (1995) Surveillance video of North Hollywood gang members breaking into my car. Instructions to the tape operator are superimposed.

VHS NTSC Rental: $75.00

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