Abigail Child

Surface Noise (2000) 16mm, color, 18 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Found Footage, Philosophical, Political / Social Activism

Found footage exploring public and private space, organized formally as a sonata, centered around work and issues of class: the divisions between home and public, owners and workers, saturation and flow, structure and improvisation. I work in media, both film and video. I began as a documentarian and moved into more experimental work by the late 1970s out of a sense of the politics of poetic forms and an aesthetic prediliction toward invention. My films extend the avant-garde and montage traditions of Eisenstein and Vertov, as well as the surrealist traditions of Bunuel and Breton in an attempt to examine, critique and play with and within the social realities of our era. In addition to these stylists from early in the century, my influences include the postwar films of Bruce Conner, Stan Brakhage and the under-recognized Len Lye. These works support my commitment to wit, clarity and an investigation of the daily. I expand on these traditions by focusing on sound/image relationships, and by examining gender, the portrayal of women and desire.

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16mm Rental: $85.00

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