Rachel Amodeo

What About Me (1993) 16mm, black and white, 87 min

Genre: Narrative

Keywords: Economics

WHAT ABOUT ME tells the story of a young woman, Lisa Napolitano (Rachel Amodeo), who through uncontrollable circumstances, finds herself homeless in New York City. The film portrays her gradual deterioration as she exists on the streets, intermingling with outcasts of society. Along the ways she encounters a shell shocked Vietnam veteran, Nick (Richard Edson); a nihilistic east-villager, Tom (Nick Zedd); and a sympathetic good samaritan, Paul (Richard Hell). WHAT ABOUT ME was shot on location in the Lower East Side and Tompkins Square Park. It also includes footage of the homeless shanty-town that existed in the park from 1989 through 1990. It features music by Johnny Thunders.

Rental: $200.00
16mm Rental: $200.00

Ralph Arlyck

Acquired Taste, An (1973) 16mm, color, 27 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Comedy, Economics

A hilarious, incisive look at America's obsession with success... A filmmaker turns 40 and casts a wry look back at the school, work, and media influences which have shaped his life through four decades. A peek just behind the smile of self-congratulations. AN ACQUIRED TASTE is only twenty- six minutes long, but it is a feature length delight... This is a loving, funny movie. -- Vincent Canby, New York Times.

Rental: $55.00
16mm Rental: $55.00

Sarah Jane Lapp

Sweetface (1999-2013) color, 28 min

Genre: Animation, Documentary

Keywords: arts & artists, autobiography, comedy, economics, ethnic / multicultural, family, films about films, history, landscape / architecture, personal / diary / journal, philosophical, polititcal / social activism, psychology & mental health

Animator Sarah Jane Lapp's Sweetface 2000-2013) is a "personal essay film which uses sugar production as a point of departure to explore a variety of relational moments that involve power, gratitude, and love. The film evolved from the filmmaker's hand-production of about 1,000 sugar packets, the majority of which she gave as gifts to workers at the Domino Sugar Refinery during their twenty-month strike in the early 2000s." (SF Cinematheque)

Sarah Jane Lapp's personal essay film Sweetface probes the shadows of sugar and labor, love and power. Oscillating between interviews with striking Domino Sugar workers, her father, and her sweethearts, Lapp documents her own process of making and disseminating a thousand sugar packets, most of which she gave as gifts to workers at the Domino Sugar Refinery during their twenty-month strike in the early 2000's. (NW Film Forum)

Rental: $150

16mm Sale: $Please Inquire

Noll Brinckmann

Half A Life: Ein Halbes Leben (1983) 16mm, color, 5.5 min

Genre: Narrative

Keywords: Economics

HALF A LIFE tries to condense the experience of the better part of a lifetime into five minutes. It is a film about the middle-class bedroom of a middle-aged couple, and about the married life as it coalesces into staleness, sweetness and quietness of a suburban home. It is only on the soundtrack that the intensities of reality occasionally seep through.

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

Rudolph Burckhardt

Default Averted (1975) 16mm, black and white, 19.75 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: Economics

When New York was about to go bankrupt, all construction had stopped, and an architect tried to become a wrecker. The story of the demolition of a large factory building on 23rd and 6th, while daily business, grimy or funny, money or no money, goes on as usual all around. In stark black and white, with music by Thelonius Monk and Edgar Varese.

Rental: $80.00
16mm Rental: $80.00

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe

Everyone Must Tighten Their Belts (1997) 3/4" NTSC, DVD NTSC, VHS NTSC, color, 4.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Economics, Political / Social Activism

A whimsical video in which a late-night television interviewer attempts to get an unusually wordy guest (a labor relations expert of sorts) to explain the relationship between unemployment and inflation. The language is repetitive to the point of becoming almost abstract in its rhythms -- setting up an interplay between the ideas and the aural pleasures of the text.

3quarterInch NTSC Rental: $40.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $40.00
VHS NTSC Rental: $40.00

3quarterInch NTSC Sale: $400.00
DVD NTSC Sale: $400.00
VHS_NTSC Sale: $400.00

Fern Silva

Notes from a Bastard Child (2007) 16mm, color, 9 mins. min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: youth, econamics, multicultural, family, personal_diary_journal

Fern Silva's "Notes from a Bastard Child" consists of an unsettled but concise capsule portrait of interconnected fatherless entities, including a fading Portuguese village and Jesus Christ. -Mark Holcomb TimeOut New York

Rental: $$50.
16mm Rental: $$50.

Jerry Tartaglia

Final Solutions (1990) 16mm, color, 10 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: economics, ethnic / multicultural, queer / bi / trans

Queer imagination has no place in the death-dealing consumerist culture. For, in it, the final solution is management of all situations through enforced assimilation using death-terror as the weapon. This film explores the Teleculture's treatment of A.I.D.S as a consumer image. Berlin International Film Festival Official Selection, 1991 San Francisco International Film Festival, 1991 "Tartaglia raises hell in this unrelenting analysis of A.I.D.S consumerism."- Robert Hil ferty, Outweek "Strong and innovative..." - Kate Bornstein, Bay Area Reporter

Rental: $75.00
16mm Rental: $75.00

Vera Neubauer

Patrick (2011) DVD_PAL, color, 3 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: economics, environment & nature, political/social activism

An adolescent is given advice on how to live by the Chancellor of Exchequer George Osborne.

Rental: $30
DVD PAL Rental: $30

Jake Morton

'passersby' : Mart & Andy: Part 3 ((1962) 2010-2014) DVD, color, min

Keywords: cameraless, children & youth, comedy, dance, economics , environment & nature, erotic, family, found footage , hand-processed, history, landscape and architecture, literature & theater, music, psychology & mental health, queer / bi / trans , science & medicine , spiritual/mystical, technology

A commemoration of Mart Northover, lost friend/collaborator whose 1962 concept - a perpetuating album of stills of headshots of everyone - it follows, and Andy, whose 1962 cinema - fixed camera - it recalls.

Terese Svoboda

Headhunters (1992) DVD, color, 15 min

Genre: Narrative, Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, children & youth, economics, environment & nature, personal / diary / journal , political & social activism

Mom takes her son to get his first head. Satire on 'eating' the word's resources.

Rental: $85

DVD NTSC Sale: $260

Grete Miller

DIEM (2010) DVD, color / b&w, 4 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, economics, environment & nature , erotic, landscape & architecture, political & social activism, psychology & mental health , queer/bi/trans

An experimental appropriation of three films shot by Miller in 2010. DIEM is comprised of an experimental horror film, and two experimental short documentaries. The footage was cut together and tells the story of invasion, design, gentrification, and the loss of one's self. The identity and reality of the main character slowly erodes, as the landscape and life she knows begins to erode and die. Featuring actress Virginia Bartholomew.

Rental: $70.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $100.00

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