Selected early works by the core makers of Naked Eye Cinema, the extension of the film program at Abc No Rio

Naked Eye Cinema

Monday July 24 at 7:30 pm
279 Church Street, New York
Tel. 212-254-5277
Curated by Jack Waters

$5.00 Admission

In spite of the recent trend in artist repellant rents and stock market crashes, the spirit of Kenneth Anger, Jack Smith and Andy Warhol is alive and well and living on the Lower East Side in the form of a group which calls itself the Naked Eye Cinema. Originally a handful of performance artists wishing to document their work for the East Village club circuit, Naked Eye Cinema has successfully managed to expand its community of independent filmmakers as well as provide screenings of old masterpieces (i.e. Richter, Baillie, Anger, etc.) and new work for an ever-increasing audience. The underground has resurfaced.
It’s a question of the age-old coupling of aesthetics and economics. As Kembra Pfahler, one of Naked Eye’s ‘off the wall’ filmmakers, puts it, “My film making technique is not inspired by an intellectual accumulation but by an inspirational availablistic mood method…the availablist movement is based on the theory of making the best use of what is available. And what is available is Super-8 film stock, creativity and communality.”



Aline Mare/Erotic Psyche
Cassandra:Seething At The Mouth
VHS, color, 7 min., 1985

Revenge of the dirty words with a raging tongue. With Kembra Pfahler & Aline Mare

Bradley Eros/Erotic Psyche
Video, Color, 7 min., 1985
(with Jack Waters & Sharon Gannon)

Leslie Lowe and Jack Waters
16mm, 13 min., 1987
Chopin Nocturnes accompany this study in black and white inspired by Huysman’s decadent novel A Rebours Brad Taylor, Valerie Carris, Peter Cramer, Adrian Saich

Jack Waters
16mm, 12 min.

Peter Cramer
Corrective Measures
Super8, 10 min, 1986
Capturing the conflict of fighting violence with violence, terror against terrorism, politics exploiting itself

Carl George
Super8, 17 min, 1987
A grand scale oeuvre featuring Washington D.C. as the star. Ethel Merman makes a comeback as “Americana” – Uncle Sam in drag.

Kembra Pfahler
Cornella, The Story of A Burning Bush
Super8, 10 min, 1985


Excerpts from Naked Eye Cinema TV
Video, 15 min.
Manhattan Cable Public Access Show featuring interviews with the makers and excerpts from films of Penelope Wehrli, Sarah Schulman, Philli and more.

Program on DVD from original formats as indicated

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