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New York –The Film-Makers’ Cooperative announces that its new, efficient, and ever-so resourceful website is now up and running. Visit http://film-makerscoop.com.

The FMC is a community of film and video makers. We invite new members to join our historic, thriving hub of New York independent media distribution. Our updated site offers many ways of linking our members’ films and video with curators, educators, scholars, cinema specialists and curious art enthusiasts through a state-of-the art user-friendly interface. Our navigation options are now more clearly defined. Precise graphics display website features and straight paths to the FMC search engine. The intuitive grid enables visitors to quickly locate specific films or to choose to browse and discover treasures in the FMC collection. FMC gratefully acknowledges our benefactor Charles S. Cohen for his phenomenal support of this project.

Enhanced Content, Fast Load and Intuitive Function
In addition to its online database catalog of more than 5,000 films, videos and DVDs, the new FMC website offers users quick and direct access to a variety of other arts related resources. Users now have access to a video stream channel, film stills, and filmmakers’ biographies. A calendar of events both past and upcoming provides links to the FMC facebook page and Twitter portal invites feedback and discussion through this inter-active forum.

FMC You Tube Channel Video Library
Of special note is our new FMC You Tube Channel Video Library; this feature is open-source and recommended to all filmmakers whose work is in our collection. FMC filmmakers wishing to upload excerpts of their work to the FMC You Tube Channel are advised to use a large file compression service like Yousendit, whose free Lite program at http://www.yousendit.com/cms/liteaccount offers an upload of up to 50 MB, and then email the FMC a link to their chosen film/video excerpt.

“In addition to quicker database access, our customers will now be able to view 30 sec clips of movies that they wish to purchase or rent, or study- this is a wonderful advantage to our distribution offerings!” says Film-Maker’s Cooperative Executive Director M.M. Serra.

A Dedicated Screening Room Onsite At the FMC Park Avenue Suite

An extra special opportunity to screen FMC treasures is now available. By contacting the FMC, the public can now schedule and rent viewing time in our fully equipped in-house Charles S. Cohen Screening Room, which seats 24 and offers 16mm, S-8mm and digital projection with Surround Sound.

FMC Website Design Team
FMC’s internal Web Design committee consisted of Planners and Analysts from the FMC Board of Directors,led by Donna Cameron (MPS, ITP), supported by MM Serra, (Executive Director), Katherine Bauer (Web Committee Correspondence Officer), Anne Hanavan, (President, Board of Directors), Coleen Fitzgibbon (Board of Directors), Jim Hubbard (Advisory Board Member) and aided by FMC interns and volunteers. Devon Gallegos provided special assistance. The FMC Web Committee has been developing the new website for 2 years.

FMC Contracted Website Designers
FMC’s professional Website Design team was led by Yuji Moriki (a.k.a. Samoa) (Project Manager) assisted by Chris DaSilva (Front-end Developer) and John Rauchenberger (Technical Advisor). Samoa and his team have executed the new architecture and interface for http://film-makerscoop.com/. The team adapted FMC’s historic logo, said to be designed by late avant-garde filmmaker Stan Vanderbeek, for the new website.

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