Septuagenarian Collaborations

color, sound, 48 min
scans not available
4 Experimental Videos (2010-2016)
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4 Experimental Videos (2010-2016)

SPLIT BOWLES (2010) 11min.

MILLER'S TALE (2015) 16min.

OVID ILLUSTRATED (2913) 14min.

EARLY ONSET (2016) 7min.


SEPTAGENARIAN COLLABORATIONS is late work by two video makes (in their mid-70's) who, since the 1970's, have been working both as programmers of experimental media (Berks Filmmakers: 1975-2012) and as film/video artists (shows at SF Cinematheque, Millennium, MoMA etc.). Of late, they have been working on a series of seio-comic, experimental videos based on well-known literary "classics"; these: "are inspired by & deticated to the picturemakers/illustrators whose work appeared, in even the most ancient editions of the texts. Most of all the videos are a celebration of the glorious panels & frames of the Classic Comics that intervened/rescued us (as school boys in the 1950's) from a repressive, sanitized educational system that kept us away from, thus nearly obliterating our access to, the bold, colorful, often grotesque truth & beauty these myths & tales contained." -G.A. / J.O.