Anne Lesley Selcer

Anne Lesley

Anne Lesley Selcer is an author and poet. They collaborated with Lynne Sachs on the short film GIRL IS PRESENCE.


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    Girl Is Presence

    Girl Is Presence
    Anne Lesley Selcer

    color, sound, 4 min
    Rental format: Digital file
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Anne Lesley Selcer works in the expanded field of language. They write on, with, around and underneath art. This has created a book of essays called Blank Sign Book, a book of poems called Sun Cycle, as well as a multitude of multiform publications, performances and moving pictures scattered through galleries, artspaces, magazines and the internet, most recently, The Mouth is Still a Wild Door and The Sadness of the Supermarket: A Lament for Certain Girls. The short film Girl is Presence made in collaboration with Lynne Sachs, is based on Selcer’s poem “Sun Cycle.”