Julius Klein


Born and raised in Chicago Ill, June 7 1957


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    The “Feast” San Gennaro

    The “Feast” San Gennaro
    Julius Klein

    Digital, color and b/w, sound, 10 min
    • Music
    • Environment / Nature
    • Biography / Autobiography
    • Personal / Diary / Journal
    • Ethnographic


Born and raised in Chicago Ill, June 7 1957

Starting in his late teens, Julius Klein has made nearly 2 dozen movies: His films/movies are usually somewhat narrative and range from “The Idea” (animation from 35mm stills)1min, ’79 Chicago – to, “Sylvester’s Light” 11min, VHS, ’84 NYC – to, “Walk Around The Block” iPhone, 37min, ’17, NYC.

He attended Southern Ill University, Columbia Collage, and The School of The Art Institute.

Moved to NYC Sept, 1981

1982 -Worked at DCTV and shot his 1 st movie in NYC, “The Big Wack” on 1/2” open reel video, starring Mark Von Holstein and Janice Oye

An original participant in the “LES film fest ‘83” (He procured the projector).

Project manager for The Film Form, Bleecker St. and Carnegie Cinemas.

Owner of “XOXO” gallery and performance space ‘90-’97 NYC.

Julius Klein is also an artist of note, with several solo shows, a published writer, as well as a musician, singer and bandleader …