Robert Machover and Norman Furchter are an artist-activist duo.


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    Robert/Norm Machover/Fruchter

    16mm, black and white, sound, 54 min
    Rental format: 16mm
    • Political / Social Activism


Robert Machover and Norman Furchter are an artist-activist duo.

Robert Machover has photographed and edited over 25 films, in addition to producing and/or directing. He is a longtime Newsreel member in New York, San Francisco and Atlanta, and has taught filmmaking at Free Universities in New York and St. Louis.

Norman Fruchter is a Deputy Director for Policy, Research and Evaluation at NYU’s Metro Center. He has directed an alternative high school for dropouts in Newark, and an alternative B.A. program for community activists and public sector workers in Jersey City. He has published Urban Schools, Public Will; Choosing Equality: The Case for Democratic Schooling; and Hard Lessons: Public Schools and Privatization. Fruchter also published two novels and co-directed several documentaries as part of the Newsreel Collective, of which both he and Machover became a part after the making of Troublemakers.