Into the Queer Beyond and Back Again

MANA Contemporary screening of works by Peter Cramer and Jack Waters

Jack Waters and Peter Cramer have worked together in over 3 decades of international collectivist culture & practice as film makers, artists, performers, activists, administrators, archivists, teachers and mentors. They are known for their experimental cross disciplinary multimedia works that encompass experimental, nonnarrative, documentary and personal history strategies. i-D Magazine described them as " radical queers creating a powerful community through progressive politics, community gardens, wild parties, and colorful performance." 

Films to be screened:

Black & White Study (1990)- Peter Cramer, 6 min

The Male GaYze (1990)- Jack Waters, 11 min

Occupy My Ass, Not Iraq (2006)- Jack Waters with Peter Cramer, 7 min

Introducing Mr. Diana (1996)- Jack Waters and Peter Cramer, 27 min

Mana Contemporary, 888 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306