New Year New Work 2019 Program I

The first night of screenings of new experimental and avant-garde films.

475 Park Avenue South, 6th floor
Suggested Donation: $10
RSVP: to reserve your spot!

Please join us for a weekend of experimental moving images at FMC's 6th annual NEW YEAR NEW WORK festival! We are celebrating recent additions by new and longstanding Coop members to our growing collection of experimental and avant-garde films. Over the course of the weekend, there will be 4 programs showcasing both digital and 16mm works. The festival will conclude with a special screening of Stan VanDerBeek's newly restored computer animation series: POEMFIELD. Please make sure to RSVP for the programs you wish to attend. All are welcome!

Curated by: Emily Apter, Ladya Cheryl, and Devon Narine-Singh.

Featuring works by Ken Jacobs, Diana Barrie, Janie Geiser, Jack Waters, Josh Lewis, Cecilia Dougherty, Cynthia Madansky, Marie Losier, and more!!!

Artists will be present after the screenings for discussion.


KG (Cynthia Madanksy, 2018, Digital)
VALERIA STREET (Janie Geiser, 2018, Digital)
CARMEL/WASHINGTON HEIGHTS/HOME (Maia Liebeskind, 2018, Digital)
YEM’S PLACE (Aaron Kelly-Penso, 2018, Digital)
THE WAY HOME (Erica Sheu, 2018, Digital)
JOE (Cecilia Dougherty, 2018, Digital.)
SOUL TRAIN (Carolina Mandia, 2018, Digital)
KENDO MONOGATARI (Fabian Suarez, 2012, Digital)
AN EMPTY THREAT (Josh Lewis, 2018, 8 min. 16 mm)