Screening | THE GUESTS by Ken Jacobs

Thursday, December 7th @7pm Ludlow House 139 Ludlow St

Free admission.



Ludlow Series curated by MM Serra.


"THE GUESTS, a recent venture into the world of digital 3D by the esteemed avant-garde moviemaker Ken Jacobs. Subjecting the latter half of the Lumière brothers’ film ENTRÉE D’UNE NOCE À L’ÉGLISE (A Wedding Party Enters the Church, 1897) to his own inimitable sorcery, Jacobs more or less demolishes the spatiotemporal integrity of the original, exceeding the relatively benign effects he created via his “Nervous System” performance treatment of the first half of the film, conducted live in 1996. Titled COUPLING, this earlier engagement with the Lumières’ footage showed the bride and groom and members of the wedding party entering the church prior to “the guests.” As his slide projector installation of 1999 and his digital video of 2008, both titled THE GUESTS, suggest, Jacobs has been entranced by the Lumières for decades. The advances of digital 3D have finally allowed him to take this fascination to new depths." 


—Tony Pipolo. Artforum, April 2015.

One of the founders of the American avant-garde cinema, Ken Jacobs has been working ceaselessly and boundlessly in film, video and moving image performance for over fifty years.