Rental Policy

PRINT CARE AND LIABILITY is the sole responsibility of the renter. Your staff and equipment should be of top quality. Projector gate and threading mechanism should be cleaned and adjusted before use. Prints are shipped heads out, ready for projection. After each use, we inspect and compare prints with detailed use-and-condition records. Any projection difficulty or damage to prints while in your care is to be reported to us by note enclosed with prints, or by letter mail. Minimum charges will be made for repairs occasioned by your showing, unless inspection reveals extreme damage requiring replacement of a sequence or complete film. Costs for major repairs/replacements will be set by the filmmaker, whose judgment will be final. You are urged to supervise handling and projection with extreme care, such as you would afford any work of art. Never attempt to splice a print—loss of individual frames my completely destroy the intent of the filmmaker’s work.

RENTERS MUST RETURN FILMS /VIDEOS ON THE DAY FOLLOWING THE SCREENING DATE – excluding weekends or holidays. Films must be sent back (insured for $150/pound) by FedEx, United Parcel Service, or other express carrier, so long as the shipment is registered and able to be tracked. Failure to do so will result in the Renter being liable financially for any lost or damaged shipment of films by the carrier.

DIGTAL FILES ARE NOT TO BE DUPLICATED. Copies of files may be temporarily made to a computer/drive for screening purposes but must be deleted following the screening. Any physical media (ie. flash drive, disc, harddrive) received from The Film-Makers’ Cooperative must be returned after the screening. All digital copies of work rented from the Film-Makers’ Cooperative must be deleted by the renter after screening, with the exception of the digital files on the original drive being returned to the Film-Makers’ Cooperative.

LATE FEE FOR RETURN OF RENTALS is $25 per day late.