16mm Flower Films

These 16mm shorts rediscover the intuitive reality and sharp beauty of nature. Whether though haptic landscapes in SUMMER and GLIMPSE OF THE GARDEN or botanical collages like IN THE CONSERVATORY and THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS, plants and flowers are established as more than embellishment; they are pulled to the foreground as active participants. These filmmakers sometimes use flora as personal metaphor, but ultimately surrender to nature’s complete other-ness.


Supported by Allied Productions and hosted at Le Petit Versailles Garden.


Programmed By Courtney Muller.

Projected by Joel Schlemowitz.



BOUQUETS 1-10 (1994-1995) by Rose Lowder. 12 min.
IN THE CONSERVATORY (2010) by Caryn Cline. 5 min.
GLIMPSE OF THE GARDEN (1957) by Marie Menken. 5 min.
RESURRECTUS EST (2002) by Stan Brakhage. 9 min.
SUMMER (1970) by Rudolph Burckhardt. 15 min.
THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS (1981) by Stan Brakhage. 2 min.
IN SPRINGTIME (2012) by Joel Schlemowitz. 3 min.