1960s Psychedelic Shorts

Jud Yalkut, Kusama’s Self-Obliteration, (1967)

Join us at The Film-Makers' Cooperative for an in-person screening of 1960's Psychedelic Shorts on Friday, July 15 at 7pm. Curated by Julia Curl.


This 60-minute film compilation highlights some of the most vibrant experimental shorts of the 1960s. Many of these works are abstract, featuring daring interventions etched, painted, or glued onto the surface of the film itself; it includes such classics as Stan Brakhage’s Mothlight—which features real moth wings adhered to a clear trip of film—and ends with Jud Yalkut’s 24-minute masterpiece on Yayoi Kusama.

Full program:

Barry Spinello, Sonata for Pen, Brush & Ruler, (1968, 10 min)

Stan Brakhage, Mothlight (1963, 4 min)

Marie Menken, Eye Music in Red Major (1961, 6 min)

Stan Vanderbeek, POEMFIELD 2 (1966, 6 min)

Donna Deitch, She Was a Visitor, (1963, 2 min)

Storm De Hirsch, Peyote Queen, (1965, 9 min)

John Hawkins, LSD Wall, (1965, 6.5 min)

Jud Yalkut, Kusama’s Self-Obliteration, (1967, 24 min)

Total run time: 67.5 minutes