A Frame at a Time: FMC Screening + Q&A with Janie Geiser

Janie Geiser, Lost Motion, 1999 (Distributed by the Film-Makers' Cooperative)

Join us online for a special screening of frame based films from members of the Film-Maker's Cooperative. We will be showing the fabulous films of Emily Breer, Alice Cohen, Janie Geiser, Erin Hayes, Helen Hill, Faith and John Hubley, Emily and Georgia Hubley, Marie Losier, and Stan VanDerBeek.

Curated by Rachael Guma

Madame Winger Makes A Film (Helen Hill, 2001, sound, 9 min.)

East 5th Street (Sally Young, 2020, silent, 26 sec.)

Superhero (Emily Breer, 1995, sound, 6 min.)

Greatest Hits: "Ambulance" (Alice Cohen, 2010, sound, 2 min.)

The Dolls (Erin Hayes, 2002, sound, 5 min.)

Voyage to Next (Faith & John Hubley, 1974, sound, 10 min.) Music by Dizzy Gillespie. File courtesy of the Hubley Studio Inc.

LIFE May 1955 (Alexander Dwinell, 2020, silent, 4 min.)

The Tower (Emily and Georgia Hubley, 1984, sound, 11 min.) Music by Don Christensen. File courtesy of Emily & Georgia Hubley.

Lunch Break on the Xerox Machine (Marie Losier, 2003, silent, 3 min.) File courtesy of Marie Losier.

See, Saw, Seems (Stan VanDerBeek, 1965, sound, 10 min.)

Lost Motion (Janie Geiser, 1999, sound, 11 min.) Music by Tom Recchion. File courtesy of Janie Geiser.

Q&A with Janie Geiser to follow the screening!

Online for one week only - May 22-29, 2020