Still from WINTERGARDEN, HUDSON RIVER DIARY BOOK: III (1973) by Storm De Hirsch. Poster by Matt McKinzie.

Join us at the Film-Makers’ Cooperative for a celebratory gathering featuring a series of holiday- and winter-themed films selected collaboratively by our staff!


Tonight we will be focusing on community, the changing of the seasons, and the whirl of images on film. In the spirit of gift giving, free pizza, generously provided by TWO BOOTS, will be served.


  1. Marie Menken, Lights (1966, color, silent, 6.5 min)
  2. Storm De Hirsch, Wintergarden. Hudson River Diary Book: III (1973, color, sound, 5 min)
  3. Faith Hubley, Voyage to Next (1974, color, sound, 10 min)
  4. Heather McAdams, Holiday Magic (1985, color and B&W, sound, 7 min)
  5. Howard Everngram, Holiday (1960, color, silent, 4 min)
  6. Jerome Hill, Merry Christmas (1969, color, sound, 3 min)
  7. James Livingston, The Holiday Spirit (1981, color, sound, 21 min)
  8. Stan Brakhage, Black Ice (1994, color, silent, 5 min)
  9. Shirley Erbacher, Snow (1965, color, silent, 3.5 min)

Total Run Time: 65 minutes.