AGENTS OF PARADISE (1982): A tribute to Philly Abe and Marry Bellis

Still from AGENTS OF PARADISE (1982) by Mary Bellis


Saturday May 19th, 2018 @ 7pm            

Le Petit Versailles

346 East Houston Street


Artist and performer Philly Abe (July 8, 1949–January 30, 2018) was a vortex of energy and core member of the Howl! Happening Tribe. Whether performing on the street outside the gallery in the impromptu and wacky Full Moon Show, cheering on her friends at events and exhibitions, or just being her own chaotic, colorful self, Philly/Kondor8 was a visionary who never stopped creating and reinventing herself through her performances, collages, and paintings.

FMC in collaboration with Le Petit Versailles present Mary Bellis' AGENTS OF PARADISE starring Philly Abe. This screening is tribute to these two LES creative spirits. The film is an historic time capsule of the neighborhood, as well as the artists/performers that lived and created the culture on the Lower East Side (John Kelly, Allen Comic, Philly, Stephen Tasjian, Arleen Schloss, Dumas Attack Group). James Oseland plays a talent agent looking at a variety of performance artists, musicians, and a cadre of personalities.

Organized by MM Serra.