At Home in New York

An evening of film and video work by artists currently in the Integrated Media Arts MFA Program at Hunter College. Programmed around Hunter and the Co-op’s shared home of New York City, these films consider the experience of living in New York: the constant contemplation of what it means for one’s identity to call the city home and what we observe by being here at length.

Featured artists: Rachel Brown, Rebecca Centeno, Josh Eisenberg, Samantha Farinella, Fernanda Faya, Tomasz Gubernat, Sean Hanley, Amanda Katz and Megan Rossman.

Programmed by Amanda Katz


Fernanda Faya "One for the Road" 12min. Digital. 2016.
Josh Eisenberg "Showered in Ideas" 5min. Digital. 2017.
Rachel Brown "YES I RODE HERE" 10min. Digital. 2015.
Megan Rossman and Samantha Farinella "The Beekeeper's Keeper" 6:45min. Digital. 2015.
Sean Hanley "WORKING FROM HOME" 3min. 16mm. 2013.
Tomasz Gubernat "Girls and Boys" 13:26min. Blu-Ray. 2016.
Amanda Katz "NEW / YORK" 5min. Digital. 2015.
Rebecca Centeno "You'll be home by when?" 15min. Digital. 2017.