Between Superbug and Santana: LES Young Filmmakers Revisited

La Sala de Pepe y Foto Espacio, 73 Avenue C New York, NY 10009
Featured: a "selfie" of Albee Montañez, from his film KING HEROIN STRIKES AGAIN.

This in-person screening at La Sala de Pepe y Foto Espacio (co-presented with the Film-Makers' Cooperative) of Jaime Barrios’ FILM CLUB (1968), along with student films from the late 1960s and early 1970s, will be followed by a Q&A with former youth filmmakers, and actors still located in NYC.


Q&A will be conducted by Jessica Gordon-Burroughs (Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Latin American Studies and Visual Culture, University of Edinburgh [UK]) and artist Gabo Camnitzer (Director of Foundations and Assistant Professor of Social Practice at UMass Dartmouth).

This in-person gallery screening – in homage to the recently passed youth film educator, Rodger Larson – celebrates the community media work of experimental Chilean filmmaker Jaime Barrios alongside that of students at the Young Filmmakers Foundation (YFF). Hailing from the vibrant Puerto Rican community in the Lower East Side in the 1960s, the student filmmakers active at the YFF explored the tantalizing possibilities of 16mm filmmaking. Finding refuge in creative expression and the filmic lens, the students sought and created within these films a new sense of community and collective shelter. This Lower East Side screening, including Jaime Barrios’ Film Club (1968), and youth films from the period, returns these remarkable films 40 years later to the site of their creation: New York City's fabled Lower East Side.



Film Club (1968), Jaime Barrios

One month ago, Fred Nelson Junior

King Heroin Strikes Again, George Mercado/Albert Montañez

Superbug, Anthony Joseph

Young Braves, Michael Jacobsohn