BURNING: Ceremony, War, Art.

Wednesday, December 18th at 8:30pm Ludlow House, 139 Ludlow Street Presented by FMC RSVP Required:

BURNING: Ceremony, War, Art.
New films by Larry Gottheim
CHANTS AND DANCES FOR HAND (1991-2017) 40 minutes, digital, The video material was shot in Haiti many years earlier and includes Vodou ceremonies and a violent uprising, but is finally about something else, ceremonies of daily life and cinema spectating. My interest in ceremony throughout my films led me to participate in Haitian Vodou. The material includes many motifs and themes that continued through my body of films. Everything here is sync sound.
KNOT/NOT (2019). 22 minutes, digital. Starting with a work of wall art it leads to memories of WWII, music, painting and cinema. A central figure is the German conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler. It is a knot made up of many threads  within itself and also back to previous films and issues. But also “No!” to the denial of life’s rich complexities, to death.