Carolee Schneemann 16mm Screening

Peggy Ahwesh and Kenneth White in conversation with screening of Carolee's films in the Film-Maker's Cooperative collection.

Suggested donation $10

Program :

VIET FLAKES, 1966, 7min, B&W

FUSES - Newly restored version with added footage, 1967, 30min, Color

PLUMB LINE, 1972, 15.15min, Color

Peggy Ahwesh is a media artist who got her start in the 1970’s with feminism, punk and amateur Super 8 filmmaking. Ahwesh has traversed a variety of technologies and styles in her work that forms the basis of her inquiry into feminism, cultural identity, and genre. Ahwesh’s show Cleave is on view from May 17th through June 24th at Microscope. 

Kenneth White is Assistant Professor of Film Studies in the Cinema Department at the State University of New York at Binghamton. He is editor of the books Carolee Schneemann: Unforgivable (Black Dog, 2015) and, with Annette Michelson, Michael Snow: October File (MIT Press, 2019). He is an editor for the Millennium Film Journal. White is currently Scholar-in-Residence at the Film-Maker's Cooperative.