Counter Culture/Counter Cinema IV: Underground with Andrew Meyer

An evening focusing on the films of Andrew Meyer

Saturday - August 4th, 2018 7pm
Charles S. Cohen Screening Room 
475 Park Ave S, 6th FL 
Suggested donation: $10 
Andrew Meyer, unsung cineaste from the 1960s New York underground, made several groundbreaking films documenting alternative lifestyles, non-normative sexualities, and desire’s many modalities before immigrating to the West Coast to direct deliciously tawdry features for Roger Corman. A crucial figure whose stylistic features point to and borrow from the perverse pleasures of Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures as well as Andy Warhol’s star-factory, Meyer’s work demonstrates not only the New American Cinema’s heterogeneity, but also its commitment to transforming cinematic practice into a vehicle for counter-cultural activity. 

Andrew Meyer. Shades and Drumbeats. 1964. 25 min. 
Andrew Meyer. Match Girl. 1966. 26 min.
Ron Rice. Chumlum. 1964. 24 min. **NEWLY RESTORED**

Programmed by David Fresko