Andy Warhol's Screen Tests In Context

Ki Smith Gallery, 170 Forsyth Street, New York, NY, 10002
Poster by Matt McKinzie.

On Sunday, March 24th, at 4pm, join us at the Ki Smith Gallery for six fascinating films from our collection by artists involved and/or inspired by Andy Warhol's Factory scene in the mid-1960s.


In collaboration with the Ki Smith Gallery, the Film-Makers' Cooperative is proud to present a program of works on 16mm primarily made in New York City during the mid ‘60s. Many of the artists and filmmakers behind the films were involved in the Factory and Warhol scene directly, or inspired by those within it. The films give a window into Warhol's world but also illustrate some of the key Expanded Cinema concerns that anchor the current presentation of Warhol's Screen Tests at the Gallery. The screening will be introduced by the FMC's Executive Director, Tom Day, who will offer a brief introduction to Warhol's filmmaking.

Followed by an improv set by Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance) and Isaiah Barr, and a film by Jamie Nares.



  1. Award Presentation to Andy Warhol (1964, black & white, sound, 12 minutes) by Jonas Mekas and Gregory Markopolous
  2. Wrestling (1964, black & white, silent, 8 minutes) by Marie Menken
  3. Night Crawlers (1964, black & white, sound, 4 minutes) by Peter Emanuel Goldman
  4. LSD Wall (1965, color, sound, 6.5 minutes) by John Hawkins
  5. Andy Warhol’s Silver Flotations (1966, color, sound, 4 minutes) by Willard Maas
  6. Turn, Turn, Turn (1966, color, sound, 10 minutes) by Jud Yalkut

Total Run Time: 45 minutes.