Experiment 120 - Fantastic Gardens

Please join us at the Coop's screening room for a special film series for children programmed by filmmaker and curator Marie-Pierre Bonniol, including the US debut of including the US debut of her film BABYLONE.


"To fulfill its vocation, the garden must arouse the wonderful" Hölderlin

To accompany the arrival of Spring, The Film-maker's Coop presents a program of four films on gardens with the filmmaker and curator Marie-Pierre Bonniol, who will be present. Most of the films are silent and inhabited by "something, like a music, that crosses the space and the silence so dense: hardly more than a vibration, produced perhaps by the secret energy of the leaves, flowers and branches delivered of all constraints, a flux." (Marco Martella)

Walter Benjamin said in 1927 that "the imaginary reflections of things fall clattering to the ground, they are the accordion-folded leaves of an album called the dream".

The selection of films focuses on mysteries, the ineffable and springtime, with five women directors from both sides of the ocean: Marie Menken and MM Serra (USA), and Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Ute Aurand and Bärbel Freund (Germany).

This program is suitable for children ages 6 and up, as well as to all interested adults.


Babylone, Marie-Pierre Bonniol (France, 2018, 1', digital file), North American premiere  

Silent garden, MM Serra (USA, 2021, 8mm, digital copy), 3 mins.

Glimpse of a garden, Marie Menken (USA, 1957, 5', 16mm)

Im Garten, Ute Aurand and Bärbel Freund (Germany, 2002, 29', digital copy), USA premiere