Femme Fantastic: The Carnal Screen (PART 2)

A second sexy program inspired by exploitation & stag films. Q&A with artists Peggy Ahwesh, Katherine Bauer and MM Serra following screening. This program of films will present an alternative image of the body, of sex, and of intimacy – images that are about individuality and freedom of expression, rather than standardization and profit.

They present truthful depictions of a vital part of human nature; they facilitate the cathartic release of repressed anxieties; and they allow us to think critically and engage in serious conversations about the complex political issues that surround representations of sexuality in contemporary society.


NEW YORK HONEYMOON (1946), Evergreen Collections, 10 min.
THE DEADMAN (1989) by Peggy Ahwesh, 20 min excerpt.
PSYCHO PUSSY SLAUGHTER (2007) by Katherine Bauer, 10 min.
BITCH BEAUTY (2011) by MM Serra, 6 min.
TEACHER'S PET (2006) by Peggy Ahwesh, 8 min.
HEIRESS (2015) by Katherine Bauer, 8 min.