Film Diary NYC Presents: Building Steam with a Grain of Salt

Poster by Film Diary NYC.

On Friday, March 31st at 7pm, join us at the FMC Screening Room (475 Park Ave. South, 6th Floor) for “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt”, a program of diaristic films curated and presented by our friends at Film Diary NYC!


"Building Steam with a Grain of Salt" draws from FMC’s vast archive and beyond to survey transcendent, hauntingly intimate work by experimental filmmakers working in first-person, diaristic modes.

The program is curated by Saint Piñero and Sage Ó Tuama of Film Diary NYC, and features guest curator picks by film critic Joshua Minsoo Kim (Tone Glow, Pitchfork) and filmmakers Grace E. Mitchell and Jard Lerebours.



Part 1

(TRT: 54 minutes)

  1. Kites (2022) by Allen Golder, 5 minutes (digital projection)***
  2. if there’s light move toward it; (2023) by Saint Piñero, 5 minutes (digital projection)
  3. Forged Ways (2011) by Ephraim Asili, 16 minutes (digital projection)
  4. San Diego (2020) by Fox Maxy, 32 minutes (digital projection)

Brief Intermission

Part 2

(TRT: 48 minutes)

  1. Trains are for Dreaming (1999) by Jennifer Reeves, 7 minutes (16mm projection)*
  2. Nimbus (1978) by Gary Doberman, 5 minutes (16mm projection)**
  3. Lament Poems for Neptune Ave (2023) by Sage Ó Tuama, 10 minutes (digital projection)
  4. Todo (2023) by Victoria Guillem, 25 minutes (digital projection)

* Guest curator pick: Grace Mitchell

** Guest curator pick: Joshua Minsoo Kim

*** Guest curator pick: Jard Lerebours