FMC Global Presents: New Incógnito Window

NEW INCÓGNITO WINDOW as part of FMC Global, a new series highlighting experimental film from underrepresented communities around the globe from 1960s to now

Wednesday May 16th, 2018 @ 7pm
Charles S. Cohen Screening Room
475 Park Ave S. 6th Floor
Suggested Donation: $10

Organized by Emily Apter


In quantum physics, objects don’t have a defined position.
Heisenberg imagined that electrons didn’t exist all the time.
For him, they only existed while being observed, or when colliding
with each other. By themselves, they are off the map, invisible.
Interaction makes them possible.

New Incógnito Window, made up of eight independent films from Spanish and Latin American filmmakers based in Spain, brings together works that explore apparently familiar territories that
become unfamiliar.

Some recorded with cell phones, others with more classic media, these strange landscapes were invisible until the filmmakers decided to show them.

New Incognito Window is a mirage on a hot summer day, is
that person that claims to know you but whose face you can’t
recognize, a browser history you’re ashamed of, waiting five
seconds for that YouTube ad to disappear, a travel back to the
deep internal generational guts of Spain.


Elisa Celda_Gabriel Ruiz-Larrea_Gabriel Azorín
Iria Montes Librero_Jorge Rojas_Juan Andrés Cuéllar
Magdalena Orellana_Óscar Vincentelli_Victor Villavicencio