Intimate Moments

Still from "Ophelia / The Cat Lady" (1969) by Tom Chomont – Image courtesy of Film-makers’ Cooperative

An online film screening in collaboration with Microscope Gallery, we will be showing films by Tom Chomont, Peter Cramer, Jim Hubbard, Taylor Mead, Lynne Sachs, MM Serra, Jack Waters

Curated by Devon Narine-Singh
In collaboration with Microscope Gallery
Live Chat and Q&A w/ the artists at 9:15pm ET

We are very pleased to present, in collaboration with Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn, a program of works by Tom Chomont, Peter Cramer, Jim Hubbard, Taylor Mead, Lynne Sachs, MM Serra, and Jack Waters, culled from the Coop’s film collection by artist and curator Devon Narine-Singh. The works in the program engage with various forms and degrees of intimacy — including with lovers, friends, family, and pets — under differing social and political moments in time.

From Narine-Singh:

“Candlelight vigils, fractured lovers bodies, solarized eroticisim, headless figures, the scratches  of hand processed film. Disease, protest, race, optics, the politics of rhythm, silence as a form of space.  If we see intimacy as solely pleasure, we fail to allow the richness and healing nature of it to emerge. Tonight’s program uses the Film-Makers Coop’s collection to explore intimacy beyond platonic, romantic,  or sexual, but rather as a political form.”

The online program goes live on Monday June 15 at 7:30pm ET and remains available for the following 72 hours. It is preceded by video introductions by several of the artists, as well as Film-makers’ Cooperative’s executive director, curator Devon Marine-Singh, and Microscope’s co-directors Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti.

A Q&A and live chat with the artists will follow the program at 9:15pm ET.