Larry Gottheim Presents: TREE OF KNOWLEDGE | Screening & Lecture

The Film-Makers' Cooperative is proud to host an afternoon talk by filmmaker Larry Gottheim, following the screening.


With the ELECTIVE AFFINITIES series, Larry Gottheim probes the duality between moving-image presentation and human thought processes.  

From the filmmaker:

"TREE OF KNOWLEDGE (1980) is the culminating film in the 'Elective Affinities' series that includes HORIZONS (1971 – 73), MOUCHES VOLANTES (1976), and FOUR SHADOWS (1978). It is centered on the juxtaposition of a documentary film about 'paranoid conditions' with vibrant impulsively filmed footage of an apple tree behind my house. All of these provide a complex experience for the viewer and, in the last three, the viewer/listener. I have gone into these as deeply as I could in a book The Red Thread. I continue to be surprised by new insights into the film as I think more about it. I want to share these insights that open up an approach to my work and may illuminate many issues in cinema and thought."

Masks & proof of vaccination required.